by Pharaoh Mac & DMT

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Pharaoh Mac & DMT's 3rd full length album

All production and engineering done by DMT

Guitar by Jared Plant

Special thanks to all the featured artists


released August 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Pharaoh Mac & DMT Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hip-Hop group from Milwaukee, WI. Chasing every dollar in a gray Chevy Impala.

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Track Name: New Age ft. Mystique & Jared Plant
“New Age”

Verse 1: (I Am Mystique)
It goes from texting to sexing you freshen up
You grab your keys, grab Gucci bag then jetting
The location always random, moment’s candid,
Clothes rapture, natural disaster comes
Tropical storm plunge, indulge in the experience
You tweaking. . .
Out of body when I enter, you licking fingers
I do the same, no shame, the name of the game
Candles flicker. . .
Even better than I picture it to be
Buzzing for that honey
Taking all, friends with benefits system involved
Stimulus pack
She don't trip when I don't back
I don’t trip when she don’t hit back
But when I'm in it, give me a break from that Kit-Kat
Killing my back, Wrecking ball to her wall
Matter of fact, after I lace this wax
Shoot a holler at miss fancy, got a sweet tooth for her candy
Trying to catch a cavity
Soak my royal oaks, put some rocking to her boat
Not knocking where this goes
Everything possible where you trying to go
Got some time to kill we can roll, yeah we can roll

Hook: [x2]
I think we in that day and age,
Where we give it, straight without a chase…
Skip the text messages; let me get the pussy shit
Waiting for it on the low
If you didn’t… now you know,
Skip the text messages; let me get the pussy shit

Verse 2: (Pharaoh Mac)
Figuring I put enough work in and
Now it’s time for me to cash on out
Living by the law, here to make my deposit
She screaming don’t pull out/
But I’m think in my mind commitment
And I’m thinking my resentment
Like what should’ve did is
What I should’ve done,
Plus the pussy was foul
…caught an and one//
But different strokes for different folks
Damn right I miss it, but I let it go,
What else you expect from a nigga
like me coming from around my way?/
Feeling trapped locked up in a cabin
With that fever jungle…
Glad to meet her humble
Was that attitude, gentleman type right/
But the plan was to take it for a weakness
And catch them blind side,
and get to claiming victim
so they can cry about it,//
Which gives me even more than enough
Reason to pull on out, I ain’t that life
And I ain’t gonna merge it, what ever
I had was right, I probably would/
Cause the mouth piece right and
The juice box tight just how I like it though
Swinging through the mill she texting “get it”
Man I’m coming home…/
But I can’t remember which driveway
I lost your number come find me
Im slipping in my ways in this day and age
Like lifes a ….and I don’t know her name//

Hook: [x2]
Track Name: Them Ni**as Frontin Bruh
“Them N*ggas Frontin Bruh”

she say
He aint popular
But he say
He been F***ing here
Though they say
Them niggas fronting brah…

“What the hell going on here?”

Now he saying
He been had her
But she say
He been stalking her
Though they say
Them niggas fronting brah…

“What the hell going on here”

Verse 1:
pulled up hopped out to the back door
Pimps up hoes down for the didn’t know
Lit lit went the bic to the pre roll
Fit shut it down like I dressed
Like the 5-0…
Feeling like Pac
All eyes on me
Imma take it all in
Till I can’t breathe
Pot user but I’m mixed
With a little lean
Ill recap tonight with I G//
Cause my clique is at the bar
Getting slapped
And found my courage
A couple rounds back
Now I’m making rounds
Catching face slaps
Cause I’m asking to fuck
Before their names, in fact//
Lost my mind before I stepped in
Like the LSD started kicking in
Now I’m dripped up
With a slurred mouth
Got everybody straight talking about//

Everybody in the party
It’s going down
Leave it all right here
Everybody is getting naughty
…let it out girl

Everybody in the party
It’s going down
Leave it all right here
Everybody is getting naughty
…put it on me girl

Verse 2:
Bust in the room,
I’m clearing it out likeI’m spraying
These niggas with haterade,
Screaming out/
“F*** yo alliance,
So why is you trying,
I’m asking you kindly,
To get the f*** out//
You niggas is fiction
Im sh***ing on
What you representing,
Don’t deserve the benefit of doubt/
Showed up at the
Party with intentions
To see the morning,
But you had to come out//
F*** it, can’t pay it no mind
I’m teaching them lessons,
Wu-tang done said
Protect ya neck . . . /
So I been serving these fines
Praying that you’ll see the sign
Like “Ace of Base”
… (Of base, of base…)//
If not, then begin patiently waiting in line
Hopefully you niggas get on track
If that doesn’t change yo mind . . .
. . . BEER!!!!//



Track Name: Taking Action ft. D'Amato
“Taking Action”
Out here swangin’
System on ten
behind tents
riding low…
(That’s why I’m taking action)
Aint no question where I been…
[Repeat x1]

Verse 1: (D’mato)

Verse 2: (Pharaoh Mac)
Asking for pain I gave them fear with no lies
she was down for the train
her only way to survive
In my eyes she was gone
the fear was drugging her mind
D.U.I beyond limits,
But lack the fighter to drive…//
took my exit to make it
He waited, rested of the line
Alley way to the pusha type
Take liking to kind
Full mags and ski masks
Coming right off the pine
Moving up the ladder from a runner
To the front line …//
they been asking for feeling
I give them really no fucks
They barely tipped a dime my hat
When drafting for bucks/
And with my heart on my sleeve
I feel I been through enough
I know it could’ve been worse
But I’m switching it up//
It’s time to make it gotta make it
Out the alley, the pipeline to the valley
Of shadows of death where they rally them up
Leaven they dreams deflated
Regretting the days of getting gassed up
…(of getting gassed up)

Determined to make it
Got the will to survive…
Action no Brunson
I put my life on the line…
[repeat x1]

I’m taking action baby…[x4]
Track Name: Same Time ft. SistaStrings
Ive been going hard, now I’m living good…
Sleeping care free (but at the same time)/
ive broke your heart, left you in the hood
Now you hating me (but at the same time)//

But at the same time [x4]

Hate to be enemy, but at the same time
Yesterday is memory,
Therefore if its last minute,
Be glad I remembered see …
I live my days for the road
To open doors
For the new age to expose
A righteous mind for ya life time
And no!
I ain’t trying to be somebody else
To glow!
Cause at the same time I
Can’t call where my soul roam
Searching for its mate
When faith will know
Exactly where its at
Cause its face will glow
No legend on the map
Could guide me to the threshold
So let’s go or let it go …
No, Cause at same time
We all got to get lost some how
To re-find ourselves to figure it all out


Sticking to the plan
Got the blueprints
Pennys for your thoughts
Mine worth two cents
Takes a quarter make a dollar
So im going in
Pick pocketing the government
For the Benjamin’s
But at the same time
It aint nothing
I aint stunting the struggle homie
Im bond to level up
Like a diamond in the ruff
Put the pressure to the coal
So when its time to double down
I aint scared to let them know
Pursue my interest
Im living caught up in the system
Trying to make it
Now knowing I gotta get it
For my children, im hating the fact they
Wishing for mom and dad to get it together
To form the union
But at the same time
I know I ruined are chances of pursuing
We all got to get lost some how
To re-find ourselves to figure it all out


Instrumental solo

Track Name: Ziploc

Devil trying to do me in
With the feds at the front door
So we hit it to the back door...
Ain't nothing stop me
Seen blood on the leaves
Can't pin me
Even with geraldo...cause
Got the flow on zip lock
Busting out the bando
(Can't pin me nigga!!)

Verse 1:
Word to mother
I'm on it...
...Straight from the bottom
To the top, got it locked.../
Dreams and nightmares
I seen them quite clear
They started right here
The block...yet!!! //4
they wonder why Fella like me!....
Never change his image
And get to hanging
with them!!!/
Robbing for the product
Running with the profit
Sending Two to ya Lincoln Leaning
out a town car...//8
Its fuck the world
Don't disregard
The lord could've saved
my contrite heart/
But I'm in this bitch
Sharing views from the six
Cause they all actors
Man they not that hard//12
Niggas ain't shit but
Hoes and tricks ...
It goes both ways
Don't discriminate shit/
North side raised me,
Uptown I Iive
Real recognize real
...and your counterfeit...//16
But I love it when they
Wanna play hard ball
...Regulate Niggas like
A town hall/
Yet they scared of
Their shadow like a groundhog
That'll get yo ass
Removed... recall//20
Cause If it don't make dollars
Then it don't make sense
So if I don't make dollars
Then I can't pay rent/
We all heard Obama
Gotta feed them kids
But we all know Regan Want
me to flick that wrist//24
I'm just following designs
Of the order, If you
need to know The motive
A nigga trying to ball out/
But by the time I showed up
they had their guns loaded
on target
… to air out//28
I mean, I Would hate To be
the victim Of a crime scene
....hints why I'm blending in
For the Time being/
Saying no words like a
Name from a snitch
Til I move out of philly
Then I'm fresh as a prince//32
Can’t pin me nigga!!!

Hook: [x2]

Verse 2:
Would hate to be a victim
Of a crime scene
Got peace in mind
For the time being/
Saying no words
Like a name from a snitch
Til I'm far from philly
Then I'm fresh as a Prince//4
Say what you want
Can't pin me hoe
Billie jean...
you not my hoe/
Billion dollar pussy
Couldn't deposit this dick
So I recommend you
withdrawal me hoe//8
Cause the pigs got talk
Yet the pimps got walk
But truthfully do they
Abby by the law?/
If the pigs with the limp dick
rent from the pimps In a pinch
When the wife won't
Give up the drawls?//12
I'm just saying
How the hell am I wrong?
When you Got plenty of
insults just for my soul.../
Judge by 12 or
Carried by six ...
If you add it all up then
that shit makes sense//16
Cradle to the grave
Secrets buried in my heart
Lay me by the throne
Or drown with the arch/
Would love to tell the truth
That's tearing me apart
But the truth is y'all
Fishing to pull the sharks//20
So...can't get to close
There's more to the bark,
Cut my legs off
Bet I walk.../
Gotta bone to pick
So I'm shitting on yo bitch
Cause I'm Charming ass nigga
That ain't wiping up shit...//24
Take it how wanna
Report it to Adam Walsh
Regardless America wanted
My people to take the lost/
Now my city in a daze, pick a day
Call it work to do
middle fingers to the Walker
hate yo ass too//28
Knowing I can make it
Got potential, homie racist
Cause the city got each other
turning pigs into bacon/
And we saying nada thing
Like names from a snitch
Til we far from philly
Living fresh as a prince//
Can’t pin me nigga …

K.O.D ...make it rain
I say, it all make sense
Falling for the trap
Could fall in yo lap
But falling for that
Could be yo last...
Track Name: Every Step ft. Mystique
“Every Step”

Verse 1: (Pharaoh Mac)
Don’t talk me down,
Just hold me down…

Every step of that way
Real talk, through the
Thick and thin
Now lets begin
Walk my walk
Pick a sin
Except yo flaws
Help friend
If you wanting to shine
Then kop’ some rims
Live it up like
Can’t tell me nothing
Turn it up like
The system ain’t bunking
Understand what I kick
For that soul thou
In fact for yo mind
No To’-To’,
For that yellow brick road,
When you ski the slopes
With yo nostrils
Screaming out Yolo
Bye bye to the mind games
Stay in yo own lane
Use to feel like it was a padded room
Now I’m in my own lane
Making ends meet
Doing what I gotta do. . .

Don’t talk me down,
Just hold me down…
“Every step of that way”
Don’t talk about it
Just be about it…
“Every step of that way”
Can’t talk the knowledge
If you don’t know problems of…
“Every step of that way”
Can’t talk the problems of
not willing to follow it…
“Every step of that way”
Said now step of that way

Hook: [x4]
Step by Step
Keep my head up
“Fist up”

Verse 2: (I Am Mystique)
You can take your opinions and cram'em
Working on my paintbrush, everyday a new canvas
stretching for the challenge, what I manage to do
let go of technical difficulties, play it through
Ball in my court and the coach say shoot
so nothing but net, swish
mind on money my grind shown
Dreamcast like PowerStone
at any moment I could be gone so at a given
I'm giving my all, credibility tremendous
Bars morphine for the illing
Bigger thangs made changes from block hugging
my own compadres, squiling for freedom
switch formats, can't knock the hustle
Game cold but it's fair so I became the muscle
through the struggle my wits inherited the gift
proper preparation stand clear of the interference
so what you saying soft spoken
don't get lost in the moment
just putting you up on notice
this horseplay ain't where it's stowing